A place that inspires...

In the quietness and peace, away from cities. 

The place where your special day becomes wonderful.


Wiera Candle cottage is a popular tourism destination in the summer and autumn-winter time.
Its perfect to visit with family, your office-team or bigger tourism groups.

In the Candle cottage we introduce to visitors our production, talk about our brand and the story behind it.
We offer workshops
to different groups, make tours to fill your day with inspired moments and add new experiences and aromatic feelings.

The cottage where Wiera candles are produced is located in our family property. The building complex over the candle cottage is a traditional Estonian old farm which have beautiful garden and fields around it. We make also small tours in the garden.

Wiera Candle Cottage is located near to Võhandu river surrounded with wild nature, lakes and berry forests to enjoy just quiet walk.

We fill with lot of inspiration to make your special day more special!

Contact us and lets make your special day happen!

Merilin Alve




We offer workshops to different groups, make tours to fill your day with inspired moments and add new experiences and aromatic feelings.

You will select your fragrance from 20 different scents
to create your candles.
From each workshop, you will take home your personalized jar candle
Larger groups may also book a workshop, bridal partys, birthdays, ladies' groups, office staff or for any other occasion
Next to workshop its also good idea to book a goob farm style snack-table.

Workshop prices are starting from 15 euros per 1 person.
Ask your price: merilin@wiera.eu, +3725215735

Visit store

Visit store

You can make just a visit to Wiera Candle cottage store, where we will introduce you shortly Wiera Nordic Candles brand. Also there is wide selection of candles to buy directly from our cottage.

If you like to listen longer brand introducing without workshop kindly contact us. Next to longer visit it is possible to order Farmhouse snack table (pre-ordering).

Payments can be made in cash or by creditcard.

Language: Estonian and English

Opened every day: 09:00-18:00

Estonian traditional snack-table

Estonian traditional snack-table

Next to your inspiring workshop or longer visit to candle cottage is good idea to pre-order snack table:

Quiche - homemade pie;

Homemade smoky paste with marinated pickled cucumber; 

Homemade meatball with bacon and marinated pumpkin;

Coffee with farm milk or traditional Estonian tea;

Organic honey;

Pure water with berries;

Seasonal homemade cake;

Sparkling wine;

Price starting 14,90 eur per person

Workshop teacher

Day for office staff

Estonian traditional flavors

Inspiring birthday party

Find us:

We are located in Põlva County, Viira village, Räpina parish.

From Tallinn 250 km, Tartu 60 km, Võru 25 km, Põlva 15 km



Merilin Alve