A story that inspires...

This story began with the decision to move from city to countryside, back to my roots ...
Inspired by nature in Estonia, I decided to create the candle brand Wiera Nordic Candles.

The Wiera Candle Factory is located in a historic old farm to give a new opurtunity to an old.

The first batches of candles were made in the farm complex main building (built in 1896).

Our special factory is now set up to a old storehouse, where we now produce all over the year.

In a cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology we developed an Estonian wooden candle wicks, which are produced only by local wood. But we use only leftovers of furniture veneer, so its completely environmental friendly.

It is a place where environmental friendly, high quality materials and traditions are combined.

If you would like to take part in an inspirational story and see how a small factory makes candles that reach in different parts of the world then write or call:


+372 52 15 735