About Us

Wiera Natural Ltd. is an Estonian family business that produces handmade natural design candles. The production facilities are located on the family´s beautiful countryside property and have become a popular tourist destination where people come to see how the candles are made and hear about the beginnings of the company. Since starting in 2013, Wiera Natural Ltd´s brand Wiera Country Home Candles has drawn inspiration from the rustic style of Scandinavian country homes and the wild nature of Estonia.

Wiera Country Home Candles consists of design collections that have been developed in collaboration with the best designers and photographers of Estonia. Wiera´s main selection consists of larger candles in a variety of glass containers and associated tea candle collections.

Wiera Natural Ltd. is especially interested in contemporary innovation and together with Tallinn Technical University has recently developed a unique wooden wick made of local Estonian wood. This unique and locally sourced wick has given Wiera a competitive advantage against other similar products.

Wiera Natural Ltd. has its own production facility where all products are made by hand. This enables the company to develop new collections while keeping an eye on the production quality. Just like the candles, the wooden wicks are produced right there at the company´s workshop where the whole production process and its quality can be carefully supervised.

All of Wiera´s candles are hand made in small batches, using 100% natural, certified soy wax together with aromas and essential oils.

Merilin Alve, CEO

Phone: +3725215735, email: merilin@wiera.ee või info@wiera.ee

Ülle Olle, Vanem-meister


Address: Protto talu, Viira küla, Veriora vald 64224, Põlvamaa

Location on map: https://goo.gl/y3dHK1