Fragrance Sample Kit

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Understanding Fragrance notes

Welcome to Wiera Fragrance lab

You will receive a package with scent samples which we prepared specially to help to create your customized brand. Next to samples you can find a document as guide for technical understanding of the fragrances and help you to find best solution for your brand.

The samples are all handcrafted by our team in Estonia. A helpful scent card is also included to help walk you through the sampling process!

All Wiera fragrance oils comply with the strictest global RIFM and IFRA standards. In our products we use the best 100% concentrated fragrance and essential oils. All aromas are truthful and natural.

How to test the scents?

From the box you can find small tealight candles which we prepared as small scent samples. It is a compact solution for a wide range of fragrances. All tealights are marked with scent notes - compositions of the fragrances. Tealight candles are made of pure soy wax.

Smell one candle long and calmly several times - It is always better to take your time for it. Ask your colleagues or friends for additional opinions about the scents.

Understanding Fragrance notes

Fragrance notes are an elements of a method of describing a perfume. They are divided into three classes according to the scents that can be sensed in different periods of time after the application and can be top (or head) notes, middle (or heart) notes, and base notes.