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Soywax candles with local Estonian wooden wick

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Fragrance Foundation UK Members

Fragrance Foundation UK Members

Wiera Nordic Scents is a member of The Fragrance Foundation UK side by side with other World best companies in the Fragrance industry.
The Fragrance Foundation UK was first founded in New York in 1949 by Chanel, Coty, Elizabeth Arden, Guerlain and Helena Rubinstein, and has affiliates in Austria, France and the United Kingdom. It is a not-for-profit organisation recognised as the global authority for the fragrance industry. Dedicated in enhancing the image of the sector and inspiring the world to discover the artistry of fragrance, it provides a central source of educational information, as well as supporting new talent and driving growth.

Nordic Wooden Wick - Made of Estonian wood!

Wiera candles are the only innovative wooden wicks in Estonia which are made from local wood. In order to make the candle as environmentally friendly as possible, we use veneer leftovers.

The candle burns gently and has a wider flame. Every candle is like a small fireplace on the table.

The project to develop Nordic Wooden wick was an cooperation together with Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and the Institute of Material and Environmental Technology of the Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ).


Nordic Wooden Wick - Made of Estonian wood!
Our story

Our story

Our story is special which begins when my family moved to a small village in Estonia. 
Beginning of this road I didn't expect that I experience something which was always impossible. Road where I finally had chance to show my creative ideas.
Without a doubt I get all my inspiration and ideas from nature around my farm.
Candles which are inspired by rough Nordic winds, endless fields and colors of northern lights. 
All candles are handmade in small Nordic-style village which we send out worldwide.