WIERA specializes in perfuming brands according to the customer's image and wishes - our factory produces specially designed perfume candles and other home fragrance products for your brand.

WIERA Candle factory designs and manufactures scented candles and home fragrance products.  

WIERA is a manufacturer of scented candles based on plant-based wax and premium and luxury class perfumes. All our candles are mainly made from soy wax. 

Because of our long experience we are capable to offer you full service from idea till ready made product.                    

We manufacture candles, reed diffusers and home fragrances for design brands, business gifts, retail stores.        

WIERA is making cooperation with French perfume producers and Perfume University to offer highest quality standards for scented candles.           

WIERA is developing worlds only and local Nordic wooden wicks which is produced from Estonian veneer leftovers and produced in our own production facility.                     



WIERA factory is running on 100% solar energy!
It does not pollute air or water.
It does not contribute to global warming.

Solar energy works with the earth’s natural resources

We are specialized in high standard candles, that's why we are paying a lot of attention from where the materials are coming from and how they are produced.

Our factory is mainly focusing in burning and perfume quality working under highest quality methods. 

We are using only the highest eco-friendly materials.

We are working together with many brand teams where we consult and analyse starting from first step about production, designing and fragrance choices. After all necessary information about candle ideas and wishes, the development of the candles begins.

Our production facility is equipped with candle producing machines, a professionally trained candle master team and a perfume and candles testing laboratory. 

“I am more than happy to help you.”

Merilin is the founder and CEO of WIERA Candle factory. 

For the past 15 years, Merilin has built a candle factory where highest perfume candles are made. 

In her work she specializes mainly in private label projects, having experience for over 10 years with different brands all over the world. 

"I have learned that individual customer support is very important because every brand has their own story to tell. As my own Nordic brand Wiera Nordic Scent is developed already 10 years, I have capability to see better what are the customer needs and main problems. We identify firstly the real needs, ideas and target market and then offer possible solutions."  

We offer customer service by phone, Zoom, email or WhatsApp.

Please send inquires down below:

Merilin Alve



CEO and Private label project manager


Scent is the most important part in the scented candle.

Working together with finest French Perfumery scientific knowledge and French perfume produce from Grasse we are capable to offer premium and luxury class fragrance candles. 

We are working with the highest quality of fragrances, approximately around 4500 different.

We have our own "nose" who designs perfume for the candles and diffusers. 

Working with specific methods to create real French perfumery you will have your own personal scent depending of the brand story. 

Sample Fragrance Kit

Welcome to Wiera Fragrance lab

We have prepared special ready-made fragrances to help to create your customized brand. 

The samples are all handcrafted by our team in Estonia. A helpful scent card is also included to help walk you through the sampling process!

All Wiera fragrance oils comply with the strictest global RIFM and IFRA standards. In our products we use the best 100% concentrated fragrance and essential oils. All aromas are truthful and natural. 

If your project must be ready fast or you don't need any scent designing service, we have designed a list of best selling ready-made fragrances. Order a SAMPLE KIT for choosing the best fragrance.

All fragrances have top, middle and base notes. For detailed description contact personally.

    Cashmere (Cashmere & French Vanilla)
    Mango Sorbet (Mango & Lemon)
    Indian Sandalwood
    Orange & Champagne
    Fresh Strawberry
    Ginger & Lime
    Sweet Orange & Pepper
    Sunset (Mandarin & Wood)
    Grapefruit Red Rubi (Fresh Grapefruit)
    Country Garden
    (Rose petals & Carnations)
    Teakwood (Teakwood & Tayberry)
    Nordic Forest (Nordic Pine & Balsam)
    Nordic Home
    (Spicy orange & Wood)
    (Gingerbread with spices)
    White Tea (White Tea & Woody Amber)
    Tuberose & Moss
    Sweet orange
    Raspberry Cupcake
    (Raspberry & Madagascar Vanilla)
    Chocolate Cream
    (Chocolate & Espresso)

    From the box you can find for yourself recommendations and helpful information how the scents are used depending on the market situation. There are options to offer to your client’s emotional scents, for example a scent memory from your childhood or popular/trendy scents, meaning what customers are at the moment looking from the market.

          Order your Sample KIT


          We control the whole process line from the beginning till packing.

          Our factory is equipped with a candle testing and perfume development laboratory. This laboratory allows us to carry out product development processes thoroughly and in detail. 

          We are testing regularly candle shooting and candle hot and cold fragrance throw, because every fragrance has a different behavior.

          WICK SELECTION, cotton or wood?

          We are producing candles with regular cotton wick and special Nordic Wooden Wick.

          The 100% ecological cotton wicks in our production are especially used in a highly scented vegetable based wax.

          The wooden wick is made of local Estonian wood, crackling while burning and giving the atmosphere a romantic and cozy feeling.We use only local wood leftovers to produce environmentally friendly.

          Nordic Wooden Wick is specially developed by Wiera Nordic Candles. Nordic Wooden Wick has also local green quality mark – Põlvamaa rohelisem märk.


          We have a portfolio of innovative products for your projects, from candles with wooden and regular wicks, reed diffusers and home fragrances.  

          We offer designing service for packaging, boxes and labels. Having years of experience of different materials for labels, boxes and other packing materials.

          We have strong cooperation partners in label, box and packing product manufacturers.


          We are able to use different raw materials such as mineral and vegetable waxes.

          Vegetable wax:

          Mainly we are using soy wax which contains no additives and is FDA approved and Kosher-certified providing safe and healthy products. Soy wax is a favorite of environmentally conscious people because it is not made from petroleum, like paraffin candles. Burning of soy candles does not increase the CO 2 level in the atmosphere.

          Mineral wax:

          We are using only high quality food safe paraffin, that are sulphur, benzene and toluene free. This enables us to offer wax which is heat resistance, having transportability and guaranteeing scent throw and long-term stability.

          Just message! We will contact you latest in 72 hours